3 Ways to Make Your Company “Olympic Gold”


Originally Published on LinkedIn Pulse August 2, 2016. 

When it comes to sports, I watch for the great plays. I don't follow any particular team and cannot name any particular player. For that reason, I really like watching the Olympics. I like watching the Olympics for the stories of the athletes, their challenges and their triumphs. It humanizes their extraordinary feats.

For the most part the players are not professionals. They are everyday people like you and me. They have a drive and a focus to participate in the Olympics. They may forego lucrative professional offers so they can compete on an international stage. The Olympics are special because they come around every 4 years. There is a lot of planning and strategy that goes into playing in the Olympics.

This leads me to my advice on how to make your company "Olympic Gold". I have found three elements that "gold" companies share; Specialty, Story and Scale.

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Specialty – What makes your company special? What is your "Unique Value Proposition"? How do you separate yourself from your competitors. The more unique, the more value you can provide for your customers and clients. Sometimes it takes an outside source to help you find your unique qualities.

Story – A good story has three elements, character, challenge and solutions. What's your story? A story will bring out an emotional or spiritual response to your prospects and turn them into customers. For decades, studies have found that the main part of our purchase process relies heavily on an emotional connection.

Scale – The Olympics started as a local festival. It grew to include people from neighboring tribes and eventually global competitors. How is or how can your company scale up? With scale comes value. How does your business find new markets? Which other silo's can you serve? What different services can you offer with your skillset? You may soon find that your market has been limited by your own reluctance to ask these questions.

I am here to help you ask and answer questions like these to take you to "Olympic Gold"! Let's share your story. 

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