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FUEL FED FUN Contest on Facebook

At the Blacktop Media Network we had decided to do a give-away contest on Facebook. We decided to create this contest with two ideas in mind. First to show how valuable a contest could be as a promotional tool for our clients, and second to see what kind of reaction we might get on our Blacktop Magazine Facebook Page.

There are several purposes to have a contest. We toyed with the idea of a simple newsletter sign-up contest with the winner chosen at random. We wanted our first contest to be something a bit more interactive and FUN for our fans. We decided to have the contestants post a picture of them having "Fuel Fed Fun" and include the hashtag: #FuelFedFun

After deciding on the theme and details of the contest, we created an introductory video tease for the contest. We created a page on our website with all the details and entry information and then set out a series of memes to post for daily reminders. From start to finish the contest was going to take us 2 weeks. We started three days before the contest finalizing all the details, creating the marketing collateral and launched the contest on a Friday afternoon and ended the contest on the 2nd Monday later. This gave us two weekends to promote the contest.

The evening before the contest we posted the video to peak interest. We used our video sharing process and in total the video reached 46,841 people with 21,000 views. This was with NO paid promotion through Facebook. In total, we had 12 entries including one from Southern Australia! Throughout the contest we would post memes to keep up the interest which seemed to help those who had entered early rather than getting more contestants. With all the posts and memes we reached an additional 9,849 people. So this is a total reach of 56,690 people. These are great numbers for the sponsor of the contest. Can you imagine reaching this many people with your brand in an interactive way? It took about 10 hours total to come up with the idea, materials and manage the contest.

For Blacktop Magazine the contest created a buzz and reached many more people than if we "promoted" a post. During the 10 days of the contest we grew 2.5% from 4,729 fans to 4,831 and averaged 241 engaged users per day. The incredible number, due to our "Social Share" program had on average during the contest over 8,077 unique impressions PER DAY!

If you would like to employ a contest like this, please feel free to call and I will share all our information. Or, if you would like, we can develop and manage a contest for you. I trust you will find this information helpful. Please make a comment or reply below. or 949-584-5669

Update: Since we announced the contest winner, the reach continues to grow with people congratulating Jennifer for her win by posting her very nice '69 Chevelle SS 396.

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