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One of the things we dig the most is creating content for your marketing department. Our content can be in the form of Press Releases, Testimonials, Photos, Video, Audio and Broadcast. We recently completed a Brand Advocacy program for a local nitrile glove distributor. Billy took up the task as Brand Advocate and offered his testimonial for their products. Take a look:

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Here are the testimonials Billy presented:
I wear gloves because my hands are important to me. Not only do I use them as tools like everyone else, but I also use them to get around in my wheel chair or with my sticks (crutches).

I saw Adenna at the SEMA Show and had to try them out. I found their nitrile gloves to be comfortable for my daily medical use and strong when working on my Harley or other projects in the garage.

If you want to protect your hands, I suggest you look into Adenna latex or nitrile gloves. They have a wide assortment of styles and weights for most every job.

-Billy Colombini, Blacktop Magazine

I use the Adenna Miracle gloves for my medical issues, it is important to be as clean as possible. When I use a catheter or administer a shot, the Miracle gloves are a good fit and work great for my needs. The thin gauge, and skin-like feel help me to be precise when using a catheter.

Billy Colombini, Blacktop Magazine

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SEMA In-Booth Spotlights

Hosted by The Queen of Cars Genevieve Chappell

Not your typical interview but one that will explore deep into the challenges of bringing a new product to market. We will explore possible other uses for the product. Dig into your company history and find unique experiences that your potential customers will appreciate.

The Blacktop Media Network Offers Marketing Opportunities for your SEMA Show Experience. We can help you share your new products with a photoshoot, article creation, and/or video interview spotlights. We will provide a CD to share in your social campaigns. We will also distribute the items to the media as well as push in our multi-channeled network.

The Blacktop Media Network SEMA In-Booth Spotlight will provide a professional photoshoot, article creation with your approval prior to print/distribution, media distribution, and provide files for your social marketing campaigns.


  • Photoshoot: $650.00
  • Photos/Article: $850.00
  • Video Spotlight (edited to under 10 minutes): $850.00
  • Video w/Photos: $1,200.00
  • Full Package: $1,500.00

50% deposit is required to book.
Balance Due October 23, 2012

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Bernt Karlsson’s “Holden8r” to Unveil at SEMA

Bernt Karlsson’s Custom “Holden8r” to be unveiled by RK Sport at the 2012 SEMA Show!
Bernt Karlsson's Holden8r

Westminster, CA – Bernt Karlsson, most famously known as the powerhouse metal man at Hot Rods by Boyd, and now at The 401k Club Hot Rod Shop, has created a follow-up to his earlier “Camaro/Camino” concept with his personal build, the “Holden8r”. Part Australian Holden, part Pontiac G8, part 2013 Camaro and all parts AWESOME.

The RK Sport ZR1 Hood’s Plexiglass center allows a peak of the Pontiac G8 GT 6.0L V8 with a polished Magnuson Supercharger rating at 500hp and spitting out through a cat-back Magnaflow exhaust system. All that power is stopped by a set of Harrop Brakes covered with Schott Wheels and Toyo Tires.

Plenty of bodywork, which Bernt is known for, include grafting a Holden Ute with a blend of Pontiac G8. The fenders are a mix of Pontiac G8 near the firewall, rare Holden Maloo in the lower parts and the front of a 2012 Camaro. The grill insert is from the 2013 Camaro with a custom made carbon fiber accent bar covering the headlight from end to end in an elongated V shape.The front spoiler and valance, the rocker panels, as well as the tonneau cover lip are also custom fabricated of carbon fiber. The roll pan is fabricated around a set of custom exhaust tips. The skin is then coated in a decisive and special mix two-tone of Valspar’s House of Kolor pigments

While sitting in the luxury of a Stitchcraft upholstery you can faintly hear the roar through the Crossfire Audio system.

 See it at this year’s SEMA Show! October 29-November 2, 2012 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sponsors Include:

Suppliers Include:

Supporters Include:

The SEMA Show 2011

We just returned from the SEMA Show. Whew! In July we published the article: “QR Codes – There’s Gold in Them Thar Pixels“. Since then there have been lots of feedback on the article all the way up to the beginning of the show. I am proud to say that QR codes were a plenty at SEMA. Some companies used QR codes as a scavenger hunt of sorts. Others used several in their booth for detailed product information.

Another source of pride at the show was our client The 401k Club Hot Rod Shop’s 1969 Camaro entry. The vehicle was invited to be at the show and from all accounts it would have been placed out-side in the front parking lot. Neigh. The organizers at SEMA asked them to park it in the main hallway between the central and north halls! And, during the first day they moved it further up the hall. Great exposure for Tan Nguyen’s car built with exquisite detail by the boys at The 401k Club Hot Rod Shop.

Another client, DefenderWorx, had great exposure at the show. Situated at an end-cap in the North Hall, this was their first showing at the SEMA Show. Their booth featured a red 2011 Camaro and a red 2011 Mustang each decked out with shiney DefenderWorx accessories. Nikki was there all four days signing posters we designed for their fans. It was nice to see the packaging, banners, and catalogs we have designed for them this year.

An overwhelming and sensory overload from the event leaves us at the studio with a lengthy to-do list and many follow-up items. Watch for more from the show at our enthusiast website:

BOXKARS Custom Cruiser Bicycles

We are pleased to announce that Blacktop Branding has developed a comprehensive marketing program for custom bicycle builder BOXKARS. We met client Jeff Meredith at the Good-guys Del Mar Nationals at his booth displaying these awesome custom bicycles. Our marketing program consists of new website home page design, press releases and PR, development of a social media program, event and experiential marketing and e-mail newsletters.

If you are looking to launch a new product, we would be interested to share our ideas with you. Call the direct line at 949-584-5669 or e-mail us:

Title Graphics for Web Series – Horsepower, DIRT & Monkeys!

Click on the pic to see the animated text.

In our efforts to bring more opportunities for our sponsors, Blacktop Branding is producing a web series of videos: Horsepower, DIRT & Monkeys! for the Driggers Racing Team. The trials and tribulations of the Driggers family on their quest for a championship in the Extreme Sidecar Racing world.

Blacktop Branding is working on a series of sponsorship opportunities for the Driggers Racing Team. From vehicle graphics, apparel designs, fan collectibles, and online marketing, DRT sponsors enjoy a multi-faceted and highly dimensional marketing program. This series is another creative way to bring value to the sponsors. For more information contact Blacktop Branding and we will discuss opportunities for you.

Facebook Contest – A Great Success

In honor of the National Collector Car Appreciation Day (July 8, 2011) we put together a car show contest for The 401K Club Hot Rod Shop’s Facebook page. With the contest just ended, we have tripled their fan base and saw the post views grow 9 times! Check out the case study for all the details!

Everyone likes the good-will that is presented in this contest. With a couple of prizes offered by The 401K Club Hot Rod Shop.

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Extreme Sports Sponsorships Available

It’s official. Blacktop Branding has been retained by Driggers Racing Team to develop a sponsorship program for their 2-rig, three-wheeled extreme sidecar racing team. Since 2006, the Drigger Family has been racing Speedway Sidecars and after a near-fatal crash the team is back at it now with two rigs “riding dirty” towards a championship.

Blacktop Branding has developed the initial sponsorship investment opportunity package with a ten-minute DVD showcasing the history and culture of this fringe, grass-roots racing community.

Extreme Sidecars
Click the link above to check out the action in this video.

When you are interested in reaching an estimated 250,000 active, screaming fans, give us a call and we can schedule an meeting to discuss the best opportunities for your company.

When Anything is Possible

Drifting out of turn 3

This weekend I re-learned that with perseverance, a healthy attitude, and family and friends support most anything is possible. Who would think that I would be sliding in the dirt hanging on to a sidehack rig going 90mph in the dirt? Thanks to Shawn Driggers and Joe Jones for the Speedway Sidehack ride.

So, what did I learn. I can take this energy and apply it to my clients. Go ahead and test me on what I can do for you. I dare ya!