Design Triad

Blacktop Media Creative Director, Tony Colombini developed this venn-diagram while studying at the Laguna College of Art and Design and refined it while teaching conceptual design classes at several local private colleges. We use it as a tool to test the validity of our idea development and implementation. Successful design employs Intellectual, Spiritual and Physical parameters and matched them up to get the “sweet-spot”. Let's get into some detail, shall we?

Physical Parameter
How well is the idea executed? Are there spelling errors? Complimentary use of color? Are the correct materials used? What about the functional quality of the idea? If we have an appropriate use of the materials, design elements and function then we are closer to meeting our goal. However, if mistakes are made then the meaning can be lost because people tend to focus on those mistakes and takes away from the desired function of communication. In the physical parameter, we also ask the question: What are the unique attributes in the idea? With this question some of the previous questions may be mute. Such as material. If we use materials in a new and different way, that uniqueness cannot overpower the communication of the piece it has to compliment the communication.

Intellectual Parameter
Each marketing communication piece must relate to the subject with substance and meaning. It may be a historical or contemporary reference. An intellectual meaning may refer to perceived value. The packaging makes the product look expensive when it's not, will not perform and the goal will not be met. Matching perceived value with the actual value is an attribute of this parameter. If the Intellectual parameter is not met a design will be without meaning and not relate to the consumer.

Emotional Parameter
The Emotional Parameter has become more and more powerful in marketing today. Articles in Fast Company and other business publications have shown that pulling on emotional chords help to build brands and consumers both trade and retail have proven to make purchase decisions based on their emotions. They connect to a salesperson, customer service and now with design elements of color, textures, imagery et cetera can produce an emotional response. What is the appropriate emotion desired? We have a color for that.

As the venn-diagram suggests, all these parameters have equal weight in approaching our goal. If one overpowers the others then there can be a slight disconnect. If one is missing, then you see the challenge in reaching your audience.

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