Work Hard and Be Good To People


I saw these words in a frame within a photo of a friends' post. It wasn't the subject of the post, but it sure grabbed my attention. 

I started to write a long dialog about my grandfather's work ethic, and the current political climate, when I found the statement's simplicity is best. I do though would like to describe the photo I chose for this article and how it relates. 

Meet Pinky Swear.

Pinky is a Southern California Pinup Model who recently won the "Pinups against Bullying" contest. Each of the 10 brave young ladies shared stories on how they overcame bullying in hopes to inspire those being bullied today. Each of these women have moved passed their challenges and are much stronger because of it.

How do you move pass your challenges? 
Is there a ritual or common practice you perform? Please share below.

It was an inspiring event that embodies the term: Work Hard and Be Good To People. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. To learn more about their organizations go to:

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