Tradeshow Exhibitor Content Marketing Programs

Choose one of the three programs below or request a custom program for your needs.

Exclusive Content Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Program For YOUR Product/Service/Brand featuring Brand Ambassadorship
Three Month Program – Need to start project prior to the first month to ramp up for Launch.

  • Develop theme or story that solves your target market's problem.
  • Create a copy/design/photo/video pallet, complimentary to your brand design, to be used in all media channels.
  • All content will be approved by your team prior to publishing.
  • Upon request you will have all content to use for your future marketing needs.
  • Weekly social media contest with prize packages of your SWAG.
  • Weekly website updates.
  • Monthly E-Newsletter Feature. (example)
  • Monthly Press Release created and sent to relevant media. (example)
  • Create monthly article series. (IE: 5 Simple Ways To Bolt-On Performance… and create 5 articles associated with it, and thus 5 social media pushes…)
  • Create pre-show product video and trailers. (example)
  • In-Booth video interview at event.
  • Post event distribution of video/press release.
  • Daily Social Media Brand Ambassador pushes.
  • Monthly reporting on how the program has succeeded in our goals.

$1,750.00 / Month + SWAG

Sponsored Content Program + In-Booth Video

Your Brand Attached To Our Popular Articles/Video

  • Sponsored content of our popular Fuel Fed Fun articles of vehicle features, shop tours, events, personalities, products, garages or installations. (example)
  • Non-exclusive, each sponsored article will be limited to three sponsors. We will keep in mind not to have competing companies sponsor the same article.
  • Name and link included at the beginning and end of each article and video.
  • Aggressive social media push with links to article and meme with your company name included in the image.
  • In-Booth Interview video at tradeshow.
  • Fee includes sponsorship of 3 articles, 1 video and tradeshow in-booth video interview.


Product Pusher Program

Press Release Creation/Distribution

  • Create product press release.
  • Publish on Blacktop Media Channels.
  • Send to relevant media.
  • Prepare press package for distribution prior to tradeshow
  • Create post event press release.
  • Follow up with media response.