Video Content Promotion

Finding the right channel for your content.

For the past year or so, we have been actively promoting our BlacktopTV YouTube channel. We were close to getting 1000 YouTube channel subscribers. With a concerted effort on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and our e-Newsletter we promoted a contest to reach the elusive 1,000 subscriber mark, which saw moderate success. We found it nearly impossible to drive people away from their favorite social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) to go to YouTube. Then it hit me…

Go to where the people are…

We learned, don't try and change the masses, instead go where they are. We first started by "embedding" videos from YouTube on our Facebook pages. That worked OK, but, not great. So why not post directly on Facebook? Seemed simple enough. For shits and giggles we made a slightly lower HD resolution for faster playback on the platform. The video immediately gained many more impressions (reach) and views. We posted on our personal page and on our Blacktop Magazine channel page.

Prime Example:

We posted a video on July 12, 2017 of the Father's Day Cruisin' Brea Classic Car Show on YouTube and on Facebook. In the first week the numbers are incredibly different. On YouTube (with minimal promotion) we received a paltry 33 views. On Facebook we implemented group sharing process and the video reached 5,586 people and received 2,835 views! We spent $20.00 to promote it over the weekend (Friday-Monday). We also published it on our personal page without promotion and it received 1,296 views. (Not sure of the reach, due to Facebook's policy). The video was shared a total of 21 times with 41 reactions.

Here's where the value comes in.

Our fee for sponsoring a video like this is $500.00. This means that in the first week alone, with just our post to our Blacktop Magazine Facebook page the cost per impression (reach) was 9 cents. The cost per view of the video is only 18 cents. Note, these numbers are for the very first week of the video's promotion. Where else are you getting that kind of value? And when the video runs in perpetuity… Runs on our website, YouTube and other social links, it's all gravy at that point. Certainly a great value.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…

While Facebook shows to get more views, there is a bit more work involved in continually promoting the content. There is no "permanent link" to find the video, so re-posting the video is essential to get the video in front of all your fans. Also, you have to be a member in good standing with viable groups. YouTube's permanent link is good to share the video on non-social websites, e-Newsletters and the like. The YouTube channel can be customized to support the video in "Playlists" and such. Twitter shares the link from a YouTube video, and Instagram doesn't share at all. For Instagram you have to have other apps to help share content.

We know you are looking for unique and meaningful ways to reach your customers. Our content marketing services are proven to work!

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