Let The Kid Do It


I am still in shock and awe.

It was a couple of years ago on Easter weekend, when my Nephew Marcus told me that his school doesn't have a woodshop, metalshop or even auto shop! How can this be true. Apparently the local school districts have replaced the shop classes with computer labs. The kids are editing video for Christ's sake! So, I said, well, let's make a video together. Little did he know, we were going to record him working in the garage turning some wrenches.

Needless to say, he took to it so much he didn't want to do the video. Here's an article from the day in the garage.

So I ask each and every one of you. Bring that kid into the garage. Uncles, listen up! When your niece or nephew come over for a holiday, get them in the garage. Throw a hammer or wrench in their hands. Do some fix-it job in the house, or on the car, bike, bicycle, anything. I am sure there is a project or two in there.

You will have the time of your life and they will have a life time of learning.

Watch for Blacktop Magazine as we focus on ways the automotive industry is creating programs specifically designed to fuel the passion of the younger generation. Through scholarships, programs like "Hot Rodders of Tomorrow" and more.

The 2012 SEMA Show – Aisles of Opportunities.

While at the recent SEMA Show, I got to thinking about Las Vegas as a city of chance or a city of opportunity.

Commonly known as a gambling town, chance plays a big part in their economy. And as the election was coming near there’s a lot of talk about the economy and how one candidate may be better than the other. All along, I say fooey to the naysayers. The President of the United States doesn’t make me any more successful than the last guy and I will create my own success!

blacktoptosema2And that’s how I experienced this Vegas trip. As a city of opportunity. There were thousands of exhibitors at the SEMA Show. Many that would be a great fit as a client in the Blacktop Media Network. We gave away some great value at the show with our daily review of the show, our in-depth booth articles. Fortunately for us, Emily Sherer stepped up to help us out. She made a great ambassador for Blacktop Magazine posing for pictures to help pique the interest of our readers. It has been just over a week since we’ve returned and had the opportunity to bid on a couple of projects and keep in touch with those who we met. Visit our special page on Blacktop Magazine to see all the reports in one place.

Also at the show I decided that I should support the organization that has helped me in my career and joined SEMA. I joined because the industry needs the support of passionate people and services.

Now for the big announcement.

Blacktop Media Network and Blacktop Branding are committed to having six SEMA exhibitors as clients by the next SEMA Show in November 2013. We can help automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers with design of Catalogs, Websites, Marketing Collateral and Advertising Campaigns. So as a new member, we am offering a special SEMA Exhibitor Promotion. SEMA Exhibitors will enjoy a 20% discount of our services at Blacktop Branding and on advertising with Blacktop Magazine! Now is the time to take advantage of our unique design offerings and connect with our valuable followers.

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SEMA In-Booth Spotlights

Hosted by The Queen of Cars Genevieve Chappell

Not your typical interview but one that will explore deep into the challenges of bringing a new product to market. We will explore possible other uses for the product. Dig into your company history and find unique experiences that your potential customers will appreciate.

The Blacktop Media Network Offers Marketing Opportunities for your SEMA Show Experience. We can help you share your new products with a photoshoot, article creation, and/or video interview spotlights. We will provide a CD to share in your social campaigns. We will also distribute the items to the media as well as push in our multi-channeled network.

The Blacktop Media Network SEMA In-Booth Spotlight will provide a professional photoshoot, article creation with your approval prior to print/distribution, media distribution, and provide files for your social marketing campaigns.


  • Photoshoot: $650.00
  • Photos/Article: $850.00
  • Video Spotlight (edited to under 10 minutes): $850.00
  • Video w/Photos: $1,200.00
  • Full Package: $1,500.00

50% deposit is required to book.
Balance Due October 23, 2012

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Collector Car Appreciation Program

Blacktop Branding now offers products to share your vehicle. We have created the Collector Car Appreciation Program. Build Books, Show Boards, Video Spotlights and Featured Articles are now available.

Here are some examples:
buildbook1Build Book – We created this photo album for the Rapidago Project. This example is a small 8×6 inch wire bound book. We also create books up to tabloid size 17×11 inches!



imadgine-showboard3fShow Boards – For the frequent cruise night and car show participant. These boards gather attention and educate the viewer of particular elements of the car.




Video Spotlight – To share online and on your iPad/iPhone or i-anything. Here is an example of a video spotlight for Jack Petitt’s 1957 Pontiac Star Chief.



AND Featured Articles on our sister publication, Blacktop Magazine. Here is an article for a Cadillac from Skuza Motorsports.



For pricing and more details please call T-Bone at 949-584-5669 or Campaigns@BlacktopBranding.com, we look forward to creating a product which will match the AWESOMENESS of your car or bike!

BlacktopMagazine.com Update

We just uploaded a mess of new articles on BlacktopMagazine.com. Check out the Mooneyes X-Mas Show and Drags, The International Motorcycle Show, John Force Holiday Show, and a review of the Rockin’ Rock-a-billy Band: Skinny Jim and the Number 9 Blacktops. New videos too. Watch a 38 Chevy Gasser lose a tire in the burn-out pit, and Mitzi and Co’s Pinup Contest. Go to: http://www.BlacktopMagazine.com for all the action.

Chris Unger – Car Crazy Inc.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chris Unger at Car Crazy Inc. His company is in the business of buying automotive collections and selling off some of the assets. Look for his incredible story and a photo gallery of his garage at: BlacktopMagazine.com

“…Old Towne Orange California is full of antique shops and boutique restaurants. Surrounding the “Circle” and radiating out are also many hot rod shops, suppliers and manufacturers. I found Car Crazy, Inc. after doing a bit of hot rod research and called on the owner Chris Unger for an article idea.

I met with his assistant Mickey who is an awesomely sweet lady with motor…” MORE HERE

If you are looking for a complimentary article like this for your company or product, call Tony directly at 949-584-5669.