Working IDEAS

Blacktop Branding’s Tony Colombini will be presenting his Creative Thinking Workshop: “Working the Idea, Makes the Idea WORK” at Platt College of Design in Ontario, California.

The course objective is designed to combat the commoditization of design by having a structured idea development process. Colombini will share his proprietary process “Intersection” and offer tips on developing a process unique for each participant and instruct ways on communicating the process in a clear and professional manner.

The course goes into the creation of a Unique Value Proposition and create an unfair advantage in a highly competitive landscape. ¬†We will dig deep into the reason why businesses hire design. To increase sales, grow company, increase size, scale and profit. It’s a matter of measurement.

If you are interested in a Creative Thinking Workshop for your organization, please contact us at 949-584-5669. We offer different topics including: Idea Generation, Form and Function, Team Building.