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[singlepic id=345 w=320 h=240 float=left]Too busy servicing your clients? Our new program is designed to help you keep your website and social network fresh with new content. We will help update your website and social network with new content, offers and project progress reports. We’d like to share that success with you as well. Our offer starts with a twice monthly update of your site (news, new products/services, gallery images of current projects, etc.). We will also update your Facebook Page (if applicable) with announcements of what’s new on your site.

All for only $425.00/mo. 

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*This offer is extended through December 31, 2012, we will waive the $750.00 set-up fee! Regular monthly rate is $425.00. Additional savings when you pre-pay 6 or 12 months in advance.

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Regular monthly rate is $450.00
Purchase 6 months in advance for only $2,400.00 ($400/mo)
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Title Graphics for Web Series – Horsepower, DIRT & Monkeys!

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In our efforts to bring more opportunities for our sponsors, Blacktop Branding is producing a web series of videos: Horsepower, DIRT & Monkeys! for the Driggers Racing Team. The trials and tribulations of the Driggers family on their quest for a championship in the Extreme Sidecar Racing world.

Blacktop Branding is working on a series of sponsorship opportunities for the Driggers Racing Team. From vehicle graphics, apparel designs, fan collectibles, and online marketing, DRT sponsors enjoy a multi-faceted and highly dimensional marketing program. This series is another creative way to bring value to the sponsors. For more information contact Blacktop Branding and we will discuss opportunities for you.

Why Blacktop Branding?

We brought Doris over to the Lucky 7 booth at SEMA to help them out.

I was recently asked by a client, why should I hire Blacktop Branding? – I replied:

Now is the time to take advantage of this challenging business climate, to ramp up your brand awareness as a leader in your niche, an expert in your field. Blacktop Branding has the strategic plan you need.

A lifetime automotive enthusiast with over 25 years of marketing collateral design, Blacktop Branding creative director; Tony Colombini has combined his passions to help build brands for some of the nation’s oldest and largest automotive aftermarket manufacturers. Most recently as Marketing Director for a vintage piston manufacturer, Tony used the company’s 95 year history as fodder to build pride in the brand with a consistent use of color, typography and design elements. Previously, as Art Director for a large automotive aftermarket mail order, catalog company and mannufacturer, Tony directed a team, which built consumer awareness through television programming, product integration and a strategic online social media presence.

And now it’s your turn. Tony has once again struck out on his own to help you build your brand awareness to your suppliers, media, employees and past, current and future customers. We will start by sharing the pride you must feel after enduring this challenging business climate, and the pride in your people and customers who have helped you along the way.

Now is the time for brand consistency. We’ve noticed that in this past couple of years, companies have re-invented themselves in many ways trying to capture that little piece of the market. It is now time to evaluate the return of such endeavors and build some brand consistency. To target your focus to the core and let the fringe follow. Blacktop Branding is here to bring your brand image together and focus on critical markets. From a builders perspective; We’ll explore your frame and discover the work you’ve done in the recent past, so we can build-up on the chassis to strengthen the drive train, add the performance goodies and be at the front of your heat for all to follow.

Take a look at our “Expert Services” to learn how we will contribute to YOUR success!

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SEMA Show 2010

Doris MayDay, Mooneyes, Con2R, Bedwood and Parts, Lucky 7, EBC Brakes, SEMA

Doris likes the new shift knobs at Con2R. Don't you like Doris?

We just returned from the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and what an incredible show it was. First of all, I have to congratulate the staff at SEMA for putting on another great event from the first day through the SEMA Awards Banquet and the last day of the show it was nothing short of professional and inspiring. The unspoken theme of the event was; Collaboration. That may be what we picked up at the show, because that is our focus here at Blacktop Branding. When potential competitors consider themselves collaborators, many things can happen to help bring the individuals as well as the industry to the next level. I have proven that with the brand building at Egge Machine and Speed Shop, and look forward to collaborating with many of the companies I met at SEMA.
Along that thought, on the last day I collaborated with a good friend, photographer, Mitzi Valenzuela to bring one of her favorite models, Doris MayDay to the show. We shot Doris at a half a dozen booths as a good-will gesture to help them get more publicity. Take a look at some of the photos posted on our web publication:
This simple gesture gained the respect of two industry icons, Gene Winfield and John D’Agostino. I look forward to bringing this philosophy to your business. Call me at 949-584-5669 or e-mail: to see what kind of crazy ideas I can bring to building your brand.

High Performance Design Direction

Blacktop Branding Garage

Blacktop Branding is a strategic brand design garage specializing in creative design and marketing for the Automotive/Motorcycle aftermarket and Kustom Kulture industries. Team Captain, Tony Colombini shares his 25 years of design experience with 15 in the automotive/motorcycle industry to progressive manufacturers and retailers. Tony’s experience includes Art Director at Classic Industries and Marketing Director at Egge Machine Company.

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