Creative Process:

INTERSECTION – Our Fuel Fed Kreative Process

Drawing_In_TuscanyWhere emotionally strategic concepts ensure a positive response.

We use a theme based creative initiative and a proprietary process of idea development that has been proven to be highly effective when creating logos, websites, marketing collateral and packaging. It is an aggressive idea generation process developed from over 20 years of strategic design experience which exceeds projected results. This process uses a holistic approach to results-focused design solutions. The goal is to be your resource for branding and marketing services. Here is an outline of Intersection:

  1. Discovery
    1. Information Gather – Design Brief
    2. Analysis – Alternative Approaches
    3. Strategy – Parameters and Goals
  2. Ideation "4 Roles of the Creative Process" (below left)
    1. Brainstorming – Stream of Conscious, Experiential Study
    2. Exploration – Style Definitions
    3. Conceptualization – Idea Stretch
  3. Formation
    1. Sculpt – Define Alternatives
    2. Design – Triad of Strategic Design Parameters (below right)
    3. Finish – Revisions to reflect intended outcome(s)
  4. Production
    1. Implementation – Layout
    2. Mechanical Development – Final Artwork
  5. Evaluation
    1. Testing – Data and Field Analysis
    2. Market Study – Review analytics
    3. Define Change – Contingency and “What’s Next” scenarios