Creative Thinking Workshop: Igniting Ideas

A 2-hour interactive workshop explores creative thinking techniques, breaking blocks, evaluating and pitching ideas. Presented by master idea generator, Tony Colombini. He brings over 20 years of experience discovering pragmatic ways to come up with new ideas. As he shares his processes, he asks the attendees to take from presentation and create their own process that works for the way they work.

This workshop explores the processes of:

  • Idea Development
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Breaking Creative Blocks
  • Team Building
  • Pitching Ideas


We explore the four roles of the creative process as discovered by Roger Von Oech. The challenge is to know when to play and when to work as you explore, manipulate, judge and fight for your idea. 


This segment of the workshop Tony shares his Triad of Empathetic Parameters. These parameters were developed when studying art at the Laguna College of Art and Design and refined over decades of client work. The triad was developed when searching for the difference between Craft and Art.


Stress has a big role in developing blocks in our creative thinking process. We dig into processes of relieving stress, and thinking differently about a problem. This segment of the workshop we analyze ways of thinking differently. Opposite thinking, using different senses, and changing the desired outcome are some of the processes we dive into.


We use improvisational exercises to discover creative processes and team building. The exercises help identify the participants comfort with team work, delegation and presentation. 


Tony shares his lessons of pitching to investment brokers, instructors, peers, and clients with different approaches to enable the attendees to develop their best practice.

This workshop is ideal for a group of 10-20 attendees and features worksheets, examples and materials to help each attendee get the most out of their time. This is a low-tech presentation, no need for audio/visual presentations. Best if presented in a classroom type setting.



The fee for presenting these materials is valued at $750.00 plus travel expenses if presented 35 miles from the plaza/circle in old towne Orange, CA.

Any presentation within Southern California outside of the 35 mile perimeter will be charged at the IRS Standard Mileage Rate. Outside of Southern California, air fare, taxi and hotel fees if applicable will be applied. Fee is payable upon arrival. Cancellation Fee is employed within 10 days of the presentation is 50% of costs plus any non-refundable travel expense.