Put In “A Good Days Work”


As I was making my morning walk, I saw a landscape truck making his way around the Orange Plaza. I thought, he is ready to put in a good days work. 

I hear the voices of past mentors, my father, and my nonno as I udder those words in my mind. Interesting how a snap shot of our daily lives can trigger. I stop at a bench in the plaza by the fountain and jot down my tasks I need to complete today to make it "A Good Days Work".

The photo above was taken back in 2013, when I saw a truck on the highway that had a logo that I designed in the 1980's, one of my very first paid gigs, on the door. The logo also features one of the first fonts I designed, called Howdy!.

Looks like Jennifer Youngquist and I have made A Good Days Work.

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